Hey Everyone, 

Ocean Tec USA is a factory that specializes in wholesale and large scale USA production. Specializing in rash guards, sun shirts, and wet suits. Sol Addict Activewear (www.soladdict.com) is our brand that has evolved over the years. We’ve been operating at our location in Florida for the past 30 years. As part of our 2016 marketing efforts, we’ve created a Vlog series called Factory Friday. A vlog is a video blog that uses imagery to show capture and entertain. Every Friday we will be posting a video to give all our customers an inside look at Ocean Tec USA. A mixture of everything; lifestyle, materials, products, machinery, employees, etc… We use our products in our every day lives and feel extremely blessed to create them. 

EPISODE 001 : Features a day in the life of Lily. She works at Ocean Tec in sales, marketing, and customer relations. In 2015, Lily launched Sol Addict and currently manages and operates it. She is the owners, Jack and Gina, daughter. Although she didn’t study Graphic Design & Textile, she uses the Factory as her class room. In this episode you will follow her as she silkscreens an order and finishes the day with a sunset boat ride with her dog, Remi, and brother, Jack. 

Check out Episode 001:


Let us know more of what you would like to learn/see! 

-Ocean Tec USA