There’s something that feels temporary about life on a catamaran. Attaching to a mooring ball between sugar white sand beaches and crystalline water near thousand year coastlines. The coral reefs that lie beneath wait quietly for you to indulge in them every morning. The British Virgin Islands has thousands of reef to stumble up and a strange and wonderful world of shells and tropical fish. The breeze mixes with a salty west wind, the smell of fresh cracked conch and sweet lobster.The sound of the Caribbean music from land catches our ears and we  follow it to  Potters By the Sea, a ramshackle beach bar patched together with painted signs, colorful tables, and a  limbo contest is just about to start. We’ll learn about Anegada, laugh with the locals, and dance barefoot in the sand under the moonlight as we wait for another round of Painkillers. Like these islands, and the perfect waves, the moment is temporary, but that’s all the more reason to love it while it lasts. We join to you to check out of reality, find your catamaran, and join us in our island-time state of mind as we sail through the BVI’s.


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