Product Info

What is the Ocean Tec-USA Product?

Functional active wear, swim shirts, surf tees, rash guards and wetsuits that go way beyond basic to downright essential. Ocean Tec Products are for the everyday recreational athlete to incorporate into their outdoor activities and summertime game. Each product is designed for effortless comfort and protection, and performance and functionality, in and out of the water. We focus on private labeling and branding and proudly make everything in the USA.

Do I have to buy 100 shirts of the same style to meet the MOQ?

No, you have a choice. You can combine any of our styles, colors, and sizes to equal a total number of 100 units. We request increments of 25 units per style with either a bell or even size run.

Are custom combinations of colors available ?

We can work with you to create a garment not seen in stock. the minimum order is 50 units per style and color. Custom items will not be offered in flexible size runs like our stock colors. Some examples of an acceptable custom size run are listed

FLAT 10s 10m 10l 10xl 10xxl or 15s 15m 15l 15xl or 25m 25l

BELL 8s 16m 16l 16xl 8xxl or 9s 18m 18l 9l or 15m 30l 15xl

What is the difference between Rash Guard and Sun Shirt?

A rash guard is a form fitting tight layer that fits like a second skin. Designed for performance activities and guarantees SPF+ protection. A sun shirt is a an athletic shirt that fits like a t-shirt. Designed for everyday recreational use and guarantees SPF+ protection.

What is your Wholesale Minimum Order (MOQ) ?

Wholesale minimum order (MOQ) is 100 total units. This can be met by mixing and matching sizes, colors and styles in our stock catalog. We request increments of 25 units per style with either a bell or even size run. We offer three wholesale price brackets 100-250, 250-500, and 500+. The more quantity, the better pricing. To be qualified as a wholesale account you must provide a copy of your current business re-sale tax certificate.

Are you products silk screen, heat transfer or sublimated?

Our custom logo department is silk screen. We also offer heat transfers for custom size labels. We do not sublimate.

Do your prices include logos?

No, the prices are all for blanks. Learn more about our logo prices.

Can I add my own customized size label?

Our stock garments are made with an Ocean Tec sewn in size label on the left hip. We understand that some clients want to completely customize the garment all the way up to size labels, so we offer custom heat transfer size labels. The labels are printed on vinyl paper then applied to the back neck of each garment with heat. There is an additional fee per garment for the custom size label.

Custom Logos

What type of graphic file should I send?

Since the rash guards, sun shirts and wet suits are a direct reflection of your company or organization, we want to ensure that your message or identity is crisp, clean and consistent. Although we use state of the art printing, the final product will only look as good as the artwork that we receive. For this reason, our requirements for submitting artwork appear below. The most common obstacle in printing your artwork is low resolution or non vector files. Please read below for specific requirements…


  • Adobe Illustrator (All text converted to “curves: and file exported to PDF)
  • Corel Draw (All text converted to “curves: and file exported to PDF or eps)
  • Other programs- save artwork as vector .eps format

All files must be saved as EPS and text converted to outline. EPS format files provide superior reproduction quality allowing images to be resized with no loss of sharpness or detail.

ARTWORK WITH TEXT- If you are unable to convert the text to an outline or save it as a rasterized flat layer image, it is critical that you include the font when sending your artwork. You may select the font by finding it in your font directory and saving it to your desktop, then attach it with your artwork when sending.

SINGLE COLOR ARTWORK- We prefer Adobe Illustrator Files and EPS Corel Draw files.

MULTIPLE COLOR ARTWORK- Send only original, native vector, EPS files. The Colors in the artwork can not be touching. If you need a specific color match, please provide us with a PMS color number.

Do you do full color dye sublimation?

No. Although, our 3FLEX White or 5FLEX Heather White will sublimate nicely and we can sell blanks.

What if I want a specific color match imprinted?

If you have specific color you are working with, we allow the opportunity to closely match the imprint color. Simply provide us with the Pantone Matching System, PMS color number. Be aware that all monitors are different and the color you see on the screen will surely be different when viewed in person. Where PMS matching is available, there is a surcharge per color for this service as inks need to be carefully blended to achieve a close match to your color.

Can my logo be more than 1 color?

Your artwork can be a maximum of three colors. There must be space in between each color as seen below.

What is the Logo Set Up Fee?

Our logo set up fee covers the silk screen preparation and materials that go into each logo screen prior to your order. This includes film positives, transparent decals, screen emulsifying, light exposure to harden the emulsification, setting up screen on the press, aligning the logo placement, and matching the logo position to the garments. The logo set up fee is incurred per color in the logo. So if you have a 2 color logo, it is 2 logo set up fees. Since we do not store the screens, this fee is incurred every time you plan on using a logo.

What is the Logo Swipe Fee?

Our logo swipe fee is the cost to apply the logo to the shirt. It is calculated by determining how many times the squeegee press ink through the screen and onto the shirt. Each separate color necessitates its own pass. More colors means more passes, and by extension, more swipe fees that are charged. Each separate logo location necessitates its own pass. More logo placements, means more swipe fees.

Where do I send my art?

Please send your artwork to one of our emails : kurt@oceantec-usa.com

What if I do not have artwork?

It is not really an issue if you do not have artwork. We can do a simple typesetting of your name and message for no extra charge. We can also re-create existing art for a nominal fee or create new artwork for you at an hourly rate. If you cannot find an acceptable graphic file, you might consider asking the person who originally created your logo for a vector file and have it emailed to us.

How are the logos applied to the garments?

We apply the logos with screen printing/ silk screening with state of the art equipment and inks.

How does Screen Printing work?

An image is transferred to the printed surface by ink, which is pressed through a stenciled screen and treated with a light-sensitive emulsion. Film positives are put in contact with the screens and exposed to a light, hardening the emulsion not covered by film and leaving a soft area on the screen for the squeegee to press ink through. Also, you must create a different screen for every color you are going to print, and then screen each color separately, allowing drying time in between. Artwork is produced on a transparent decal, than applied to product. Our screen printing technicians set up the screens so they match the logo placement and location. Once secured and set the ink is pushed through the screen and forced onto the materials surface. The ink is than cured at a high temperature for longevity. Silk screening is high quality and long lasting.

Can I have multiple logo placements?

Each garment is suitable for multiple logo placements but due to sizing and seams, there are logo requirements per garment. For this reason, you can use our guide to choosing the right size and location for the garment or we can help you.

What is the design approval process?

Once your order form has been submitted and processed our team will provide you with a Quote and Digital Images. It is your responsibility to double check the information and for mistakes. Team work makes the dream work! You must sign our Design Approval. We use this as the acceptance by Ocean Tec USA of your offer to purchase our goods and your acceptance of our terms and conditions. In addition, you are liable to pay the agreed upon price.

How do I double check my proof for mistakes?

You will receive an electronic PDF proof, free of charge with every order. The order does not go into production until the proof has been reviewed and approved and signed off by the client. Please double check the proof for order details

  • Are the styles correct; long sleeve, short sleeve, color, size, etc?
  • Is logo size correct? (we specify width of logo in inches)
  • Is logo placement correct? (we use the cheat codes from the Custom Shirt Order Form)
  • Is logo color correct? (if there was more than one logo, did we choose the correct one?)
Do you offer Low Quantity Custom Logo Orders?

No. We specialize in wholesale, 100 + units.

Terms and Conditions

What is your turnaround time?

Please allow 90 days , or 8-12 weeks, for production. High season is between April and August and delivery times are estimated to be longer! Orders are accepted with the purchaser’s understanding that orders cannot be cancelled once production has started.

What are you payment methods?

You may pay via Credit card (Visa, master card, & american express), check, credit card or wire transfers. 2% credit cared processing fee will be added to all credit card payments. All wire transfers are to be paid in full and incur a $40 wire transfer fee.

Do you offer terms to new clients?

No. New clients must pay 100% upfront with a wire transfer. Or are credit card/check policy is 50% down payment and 50% at the time of shipping. The order will not go into production until the first deposit is cleared.

Do you offer terms to establish or repeat accounts?

Open terms are available after a credit history has been established and credit is approved. Credit terms may be revoked without notice. Aging on open terms starts from the date of the Invoice. A $20 service charge will be applied to all returned checks. Ocean tec- USA reserves the right to charge 1.5% daily interest on past due invoices. Please email any credit applications to gina@oceantec-usa.com

What are you returns, claims and adjustments?

If you have any problems with your order please contact customer service at 561-845-0030 within 5 days of receipt. We advise opening your merchandise to review its quality if you do not intend to use it right away. Please have your sales order number available. WE DO NOT ACCEPT UNAUTHORIZED RETURNS. All returns must be assigned an RA# from Ocean Tec – USA. To obtain an RA# call 561-845-0030 or email repairs@oceantec-usa.com. If any problems arise, please call customer service immediately. Because of our lack of control over laundering methods, we cannot accept the responsibility for fading, bleeding, shrinking or other damage.

Do you offer rush service?

Rush orders and going beyond the call of duty are our specialty. We can often rush the production of most items for a surcharge. let us know your in-hands date and we’ll let you know what we can do. Keep in mind that in some cases this may mean that the complexity of your artwork may need to be limited. Also consider shipping when calculating your expected delivery date. We can also expedite the shipping delivery process by upgrading shipping methods.

How Do you ship my order?

Shipments will be made by UPS, ground service, FOB West Palm Beach, with insurance to cover cost of the merchandise. Purchaser must notify Ocean Tec – USA in writing if a different shipping method is required. All shipping costs, insurance costs, handling and convenience fees will be added to the invoice. If Purchaser freight account is used, only a handling and convenience fee will be added to the invoice. Ocean Tec – USA will not be held responsible delays in delivery associated by acts of God or other circumstances which we have no direct control.

How do I track my order?

You can find your tracking # at the bottom on your Invoice.

What are is the Ocean Tec-USA product warranty?

The materials and workmanship on this garment are the finest available. We therefore warranty the workmanship for one full year from the time of purchase. Once worn we will repair, not replace, under the following conditions: All warranty claims are void if the garment is found to be abused, improperly cared for, altered or repaired outside of our factory, or due to normal wear. Defective garments should be returned cleaned and dry. Freight prepaid to below address with proof of purchase date on the original store receipt. The garment will be returned to UPS freight collect. Be sure to include your telephone number, note with your return address, and a brief description of the defect.