I can’t see myself producing overseas. The relationship I have with my factory is priceless


We are Ocean Tec USA

Ocean Tec USA was founded in 1989 as a wholesale company- it’s the backbone of our brand. We’re known for bringing American craftsmanship into the wholesale wetsuit and rash guard arena. We are driven to bring our quality sports wear into the private label trade. We’ve gone beyond basic to downright essentials with our UV safe and versatile fabrics and our selection of neoprene. Supporting independent retail shops and services for the past 30 years. Generating high quality products for your business to use or re-sell under your own brand name.

Meet Our Team

Care & Craftsmanship

USA made means something special to us and our customers reap the rewards. We are proud of our skilled workforce that utilize skills that were nearly lost in this country as the jobs and products were outsourced. Skilled craftsman and women provide the expertise that sets our quality rash guards and wetsuits above the competition and imported alternatives. Attention to detail and experienced employees provide the backbone of our success.


Quality sports apparel begins with premium fabrics that can be crafted into some of the most functional, comfortable and wearable products in the outdoor market. We are constantly testing and evolving our UV safe and versatile fabrics.

Private Label & Wholesale

With all this skill under one collective roof, we provide those looking to create their own line with all tools necessary.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

At Ocean Tec-USA it is our responsibility to take care of not just our customers, but also our employees. Our USA made active wear is cut, sewn, picked & shipped by employees making a livable wage in safe & comfortable working conditions.

Our teams have decades of experience and we encourage creativity & promotion within. We strive to provide a rewarding atmosphere conducive to personal & professional growth.

Our employees are our greatest asset and our goal is to provide them the tools to excel in their careers and provide better products for our customers.

In short, we appreciate our customers, and value our employees.


“I am passionate about our products and use them everyday in my life. Working with clients who live this same passionate lifestyle, that is a rewarding connection. It’s humbling to see all the clients creativity and our skilled craftsman and women work come through in the final product. Even more humbling when you know it’s going to last out in the field.”


4390 Westroads Drive Bay 1,

West Palm Beach, FL 33407,

United States of America

Phone: +1 (561)845-0030

Email: lab@oceantec-usa.com