Compression Rash Guards 

A rash guard is more than just a water shirt, it is an extra layer of skin to incorporate into summertime game and outdoor activities when remembering to apply sunscreen may be easily forgotten. Designed for movement, with flat lock seams to prevent chaffing. Guaranteed sun protection while optimizing time surfing, diving, paddling. Rated UPF 50+ 

Performance Sun Shirts 

Performance sun shirts go beyond basic to downright essential in any humid condition. Designed for outdoor extended sun sessions optimizing time boating, paddling, fishing, and lounging. Cool and and moisture wicking performance sun shirts wear comfortably in and out of the water during any activity.  Rash guard in disguise but feel free to wear it how you want, a must-have for your athletic wardrobe. Rated UPF 50+ and UPF 30+.