Customized wetsuits to re-sell or use under your own brand name

Ocean Tec USA was founded in 1989 as a wetsuit manufacturer. Therefore, we continue to hand craft them in our Florida facility and focus on quality, durability and effectiveness of our private branded wetsuits. Above all, our mission is to get to know you and your private label wetsuit needs on a first name basis. We will help make recommendations that are perfect for your own needs.

Our stock wetsuit line offers introductory suits for Men, Women and Kids at affordable prices and low minimums. However, we can work closely with you to create customized wetsuits; neoprene color combinations, neoprene thickness, customized size labels, thread colors, logos, logo colors and even new designs.

Creating a wetsuit product that will last is our main focus. You’ve probably already worn one of our wetsuits, and just not known about it. Please Contact Us for your needs!