What is a Marker?

A marker is an arrangement of pattern pieces to be cut in one spread or lay. Picture the garment like a puzzle. All the different pieces have to be cut and sewed together to complete the puzzle. The marker is the first step during any Apparel Cutting Department. It sets up the tone for the rest of the production of the garments. 

What is Marker Making?

Marker making is the process of determining the most efficient layout of pattern pieces or puzzle pieces. Marker making is done by CAD systems today which give accuracy, increase control and reduces the time required in making markers. Marker making is an art that requires patience. Once the marker is created, it is printed and laid on the top layer of the fabric. In mass production multiple layers of fabric are layered at the same time, called fabric spreading. This way we can cut bulk garment pieces. It is important that when a marker is made it does not create an issue of fabric waste.  The goal is to utilize as much of the fabric as possible. Thus, why we require strict size runs for special orders


Tools Used to Cut the Marker

  • A good pair of fabric scissors. 
  • Straight knife cutting machine & metal gloves 
  • Pattern weights
  • Heavy Duty Pattern Tacker Stapler