What is Screen Printing?

There are several methods used to decorate garments. At Ocean Tec USA, we use screen printing, screen printing and silk screening are used interchangeably. Screen printing is a technique that involves burning a design onto a screen separated by color. Than, using ink, the color is transferred through fine mesh screen on to whatever is being printed. 

Why choose Screen Printing?dsc_0535

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Screen printing is a laborious process. It takes a lot of preparation. This method, the price decreases as you produce more units because once the screen is made it can be used infinite amount of times. It is the most cost effective way for large quantity print runs. 


Screen printing is possible on virtually any material. Our inks withstand the sun, salt, chlorine, and last much longer than any other style of printing. The printing will out last the garment. This cannot be said about any other printing method. 


Screen printing produces true-to-life designs. It is the best option for designs with high vibrancy. 


So if you want professional looking rash guards, wet suits, and sun tees with your artwork or logo, insist on quality screen printing. Insist on Ocean Tec USA, www.oceantec-usa.com. Serving our customers needs for since 1985