Private Label Rash Guard 

An Ocean Tec USA Private label rash guard allows you to put your business name or logo on any rash guard, branding your company as a serious member of the industry. This is a huge part of building your business’s reputation and getting your name out there more often. Fitting your staff in private label rash guards develops a professional look for your employees and business. Additionally, it creates a memorable and lasting impression. Selling private label rash guards at your concession or store means offering a unique product that you can’t get else wear. Customers are interested in buying differentiated clothing and products instead of national mainstream brands. They want to support local and spread the word. Whatever your reason, you can rest assure that choosing private label rash guards will greatly benefit you. 

Wide Variety of Styles

We offer a variety of mens, womens, and youth private label rash guards. Which makes it easy for you to choose and brand your business. We manufacture in the USA, so you can be assured that you will receive the same quality, if not better, of a rash guard with added benefit of including your company name and or logo.  To browse products, click here.


Add On Accessories


Adding thumboles to your private label rash guard helps to maximum sun protection on the hands. 

Board Short Loop Fastener 

Adding a board short loop fastener to your private label rash guard helps to keep the guard in place by securing it to your shorts. Great add on for Surf Shops & Surf Schools. 

To learn more about private label rash guards, click here.