Youth Private Label Products

Our Youth Private Label Rash guard will help build your businesses reputation, promote your companies professionalism and create memorable lasting experiences. Grab your clients with cool customized gear that cant be found else wear. Promote your brand on the water and teach them young to look for sun screen slathering solutions. Not only is sunscreen harming them, but also our environment. Skin cancer is 100% preventable and it all starts young.  You can rest assured that youth private label rash guards will greatly benefit you.  We are here to make it easy for you to choose the right products for your Youth Private Label Rash guards. 


5 Panel vs 7 Panel 

5 Panel Performance Rash Tee

Style #2601/2651

This is a very nice basic 5 panel rash guard t-shirt. Because of its laid back style, it is our ideal youth rash guard for those kids who want extra protection and comfort when on vacation or just playing it the water. It is designed to fit like a t-shirt and dries super quick once you get out of the water.  Designed for all day outdoors and guarantees no burning, chaffing, or rashing. A great way to protect your groms skin . Made with our 2FLEX fabric, a 6.2 oz Nylon/Spandex Rated UPF 50+. Recommended center chest Logo. 

7 Panel Rash Guard

Style #2600/#2650

This is a snug fit 7 panel rash guard. It’s designed to comfortably, and sits on the body not too tight, and not too loose either. It’s snug fit is great for boarders. Since this is a special order item, it is a great choice for doing a color combination in the panels. Designed for in water activities and guarantees no burning, chaffing or rashing. Made with our 2FLEX fabric, a 6.2 oz Nylon/Spandex Rated UPF 50+. Recommended center chest Logo. 

You can rest assured that choosing private label will greatly benefit you and we hope this clarifies the difference between our Youth styles. Click here to learn more about screen printing on our garments.